You think it would be obvious, but the most recent version on Virtuemart 1.1.3 on Joomla 1.5 doesn't show the details of the products in one's shopping cart on check out, like in the image below. In order to get this working you must use the code from below and insert this under:

Virtuemart's Administration Control Panel > Store tab > List Payment Methods link > click PayPal link > Configuration tab > and Copy & Paste it into the "Payment Extra Info" field.

Joomla BackupBacking up Joomla can seem like a pretty daunting task, but it's really straight forward if you know a couple things:

  • FIRST: Why are you backing your site up?
  • SECOND: What are you backing up 1) Joomla site files and 2) the Joomla database

Most times a Joomla site can recover with a current backup of your database, most of what you use on a Joomla site is your database. The site files are more important when you're adding new Joomla extensions, new images or editing your Joomla template look. 

FIRST: Why are you backing your site up?

"Why am I backing up?" it's a very important question because it may take as little as 2 minutes to properly backup your site's database, or 20 minutes to do a full site backup. I will give a few senerios on what you should backup and when.

Today Joomla FCK introduced a new powerful tool that allow people to resize, crop and add watermarks to their images in Joomla. This video tutorial will show you how to use those tools.


This tutorial assumes you've used or know what Joomla modules & module positions are.

Module PositionJoomla has a really nice way of viewing module positions from the front end of your Joomla site. This will take out guess work and looking through your Joomla template to figure out where to display your module. Just add:

?tp=1    or     &tp=1

to the end of your url. So your url might look something like this:  


Using this method of identifying module positions you'll notice the "Raw Outline" in the Example Image. this would not normally be visible without "tp=1" in the URL. Some other common module positions include: top, bottom, left, right and footer.