The simple answer is Yes!

Here's a list of free Joomla blogs extensions and some commercial ones:

With Joomla, you get the best of all worlds. Joomla is a CMS Platform where as other softwares like Wordpress are good for a single task. Joomla has about 3000+ ways of doing things. If you just need a blog then I would suggest stick with the other software, no sense in overkill. If you want your website to have the option of doing more than a blog then you should use Joomla. Your Joomla blog can be extended to incorporate more things like photogallery, contact form, user management, ecommerce, etc that you may have not considered with an ordinary blog.

Comparing Joomla and Wordpress is not fair to Worpress, because Joomla is much more than just a blog software. Wordpress can't compete with the versitility of Joomla.


Here are two of my favorite free Joomla blogging extensions

corePHP Wordpress Integration with Joomla 1.5 (free)

It basically takes everything that is good with Joomla and makes it better with Wordpress

Smart Blog (free)

  • Registered user can add post/comments and manage
  • Admin can manage the posts/comments of all user.
  • upport SEF urls.
  • Module will help to view latest post[Number of posts can be managed from admin]
  • Search plugin will search blog component
  • Added html editor for add/edit Posts/comments
  • New layout design
  • added Blogger page for view blogger details and blogger posts