Perhaps you've created a few sites for friends or someone you know and now your are building a web design company. My story begun as a hobby web designer. My first website about Toast Recipes, a "just for kicks" website. I quickly became the authortiy on all things toast. Building this site allowed me experiement with web technologies like JavaScipt, PHP and the like. I had a lot of fun doing this. I have always been considered gifted with design, so it was natural that I combine these skills and express them by creating my own web design company.

In this article, and througout this section I'd like to share my experience as an accomplished web developer, business owner. We will explore the many challenges and benefits when starting your own company.

  • Resources to help Web Designers grow their business
  • Important Tools for Managing Your Business
  • Do's and Don't of Managing a Project
  • What to Charge for a Website

It's likely you've taken on a few small projects and you have completed them with success. We will build from your initial success and challenge you with ways your can grow your business.