We have collected some awesome web tools from around the internet. These tools solve some of the most common business challenges for web designers.

#1 - Content Tool
Tool: Issuu.com
Web Service Type: Widget
Issuu is a powerful document display widget. It can be used to share private or public documents such as white papers or technical documentation. Issuu is a powerful business application because of its statistic tracking abilities. Companies can easily track number of readers, referring sites, most visited pages, traffic map, etc. Issuu has great application because users can simply upload *doc, *pdf, *ppt.
Free (Ad-Supported)
$19/month (Ad-Free)
Document Management
Online Magazine
#2 - Promotion Tool
Tool: RaffleCopter.com
Web Service Type: Widget
This is a great tool for marketers of social media campaigns. If you're problem solving your social marketing campaigns, start a Raffel with Raffel Copter. This tool will be the tide that raises your client's social media boats.

Let's face it, for the social marketer you're job is difficult enough creating content and keeping it up-to-date. You can now leverage social influance of your client by creating an incentive program to boost your client's followers. There's a good example of this on Geek and Sundry's goo.gl/jgWty
Free (Limited Features)
$7/month (Added Features)
$59 (White Label)
Social Marketing

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Last Updated: March 12th 2013